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The RAPP SIG Committee for 2012-2013, elected at the AGM held 22 August 2012 is:

Convenor: Elizabeth Estbergs 

Secretary / Newsletter Editor: Anne McLean

Committee: Paul Dalgleish, Craig Tibbitts, Peter Miller, Christine Yeats, Niles Elvery  and Greg Cope

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  • I came to the library to get some information, not to have a conversation with the librarian.” 


    Interesting ideas about the user experience of reference and access 

    “I came to the library to get some information, not to have a conversation with the librarian” or,…
    I found the website for the Encyclopedia of Human-Computer Interaction while looking around for some information on usability.  The site is about “hu…
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Outreach at conferences

I recently attended a large Australasian family history conference. There were a number of exhibitors including archives, family history societies, businesses and commercial database providers.This has me thinking about why archives participate at such events, what impressions we create and how we want to promote our services.What makes a good conference table for an archives? Is it banners, brochures and bookmarks? It is using computers and ipads with wifi available to access our websites?  Is…

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RAPPSIG Forum at Christchurch

The ASA Reference Access and Public Program Special Interest Group (RAPPSIG) is holding a half day forum on the morning of Tuesday 30 September during the ASA/ARANZ 2014 Conference in Christchurch.The RAPPSIG Committee is looking for people to each give a 15 minute presentation on any aspect of the Conference theme, Connecting: Past, Present and Future.  The first theme can cover access to archives  for communities in time of disaster; the second can include resilience of archival programs…

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Library Insists Conservative Site Was Not Banned From Its Clinton Archives

Library Insists Conservative Site Was Not Banned From Its Clinton Archives Hunter Walker Jun 21 2014, 6:07 AM The University of Arkansas The conservative website Washington Free Beacon was barred from accessing the special collections archive at the University of Arkansas library after it published a story featuring audiotapes of Hillary Clinton that were kept at the school. On Thursday, a lawyer for the Free Beacon sent the university a letter accusing University of Arkansas officials of…

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Reference enquiries databases

Hi all,I'm looking into implementing a better system for lodging and tracking reference inquiries. We have two staff members who do the bulk of the reference inquiries, and we don't really have a means to track them at the moment. We are using a basic excel spreadsheet, but I'd like to see what other systems are out there.We keep statistics, of course, but this only covers higher-level information (eg how many inquired about labour, business or University records, etc). What I'm looking for is…

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