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  • I thought I sent a comment earlier in the week about the Australian text but also asking where I could see a copy of the American one.

    Steve, If something is done about church archives I would like it extended to include Religious Congregations as they are generally oincluded in provisions of Canon Law as apply to Diocesan Archives.
  • I think you may have an idea there Steve!! Would take some development of course.

  • Congratulations Pauline on the award in 2009. I knew you had to have been involved in some of this excellent work.

    And Louise, I am glad that the C of E's are also developing good record keeping guides.

    Maybe worth running a PD about both of these? What do you think ladies?

  • Steve, if you look at chapter 17 on page 323 you will see my name.  This is what i got the Mander Jones Award for in 2009.

    And the Chicago published "Managing Diocesan Archives and Records : A guide for Bishops, Chancellors and Archivists, 2012" , i have a copy here on my desk and will be bringing 20 more copies back when i go to Chicago next week.

    cheers pauline

    • HIE
  • On the same topic, the Church of England Records Centre, in Bermondsey, South London, has published a number of very useful recordkeeping (they call it Records Management) guides on their website. I love the names: 'Chapter and Verse: The Care of Cathedral Records'; 'Cherish or Chuck? The Care of Episcopal Records'; 'Save or Delete: The Care of Diocesan Records', and 'Keep or Bin: The Care of Your Parish Records'. In these days of the Royal Commission, the last guide: 'Clergy File Guidance Notes' may be useful too. All veyr useful guides, created by some terrific archivists working in a huuuuge warehouse space. I visited them in 2009; lovely welcoming folk.

    Records Management Guides
    The Church of England Record Centre provides records management advice to the wider church, primarily through a range of guides to Parish, Diocesan and Episcopal record keeping.  These guides are designed to help develop a consistent and best practice approach to the treatment of church records whether paper or electronic.
  • Hi all, a fellow archivist has suggested that this book might also be of interest. She says "It is very good for Australia and overall admin of Parishes and Diocesan offices and so for recordkeepers."

    Church Administration Handbook

    Church Administration Handbook

    $45.00 AUD
    Outlines how the Catholic Church is structured and functions. This reference resource will assist religious, clery and lay persons.

  • Does anyone know of this publication?

    Managing Diocesan Archives and Records: A Guide for Bishops, Chancellors, and Archivists


    Emilie G. Leumas, Ph.D., C.A.
    Audrey P. Newcomer, M.S.L.S., M.P.A., C.A.
    John J. Treanor, M.A., C.A., C.R.M

    Published by the Association of Catholic Diocesan Archivists, 2012


    Books are available for purchase for $20 plus $3.50 domestic shipping and handling per copy. Additional charges may apply for international shipping.
    Please send a complete order form and payment to:

    Peggy Lavelle
    711 W. Monroe St.
    Chicago, IL 60661
  • Pauline, what an excellent story about an archivist "shattering the stereotype".

    I think we all need to be mindful of doing exactly what Mazzenga has done. We need to be out there - speaking to people within our own work environments. Alerting everyone to the fact that archives are a rich primary source, preserved, conserved and stored (hopefully) not in dirty, duty, musty basements, but in areas accessible to the community.

    But more importantly, do what Mazzenga has done, that is break the stereotype of the archivist being an older, retired individual, who is frail, with grey hair and quiet as a mouse. We are professionals in an ever changing world that requires us as archivists to keep up with the changing environment in which we live in.

    We are archivists with conviction, purpose, ethics and standards that we are proud of.

    Ok, time to get off my high horse now!


    An interesting news report about a church archivist.

This reply was deleted.
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