Managing information as an asset

This is a really clear and valuable presentation on SlideShare about why and how information can be an asset to ANY business, organisation or Government agency.

I would like to see more case studies of why and how information can be made an asset, rather than the multitude of case studies on how systems are implemented. The bigger picture is a really valuable one.

The ONLY thing I would add to Steve Weissman's brilliant overview would be:


Although Weissman does refer to legal liability and risk assessment it is vital to recognise the value of records systems as part of a holistic information strategy.

My favourite step is Step 2. BE HOLISTIC

You must clearly state that electronically-stored and hard copy information have organizational value in equal measure. The trick is to cultivate a culture in which the distinction between the two formats disappears, and that the focus be placed and maintained on the information itself, not the medium on which it exists!!

Information as an Asset: 9 Essential Steps from AIIM

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