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  • Information Management Standard – Australian Government

    The National Archives has published its Information Management Standard for the Australian Government. The Standard was launched by the Director-General David Fricker at Parliament House on 28 April. It is now available on our website.

    The Standard outlines the Archives’ expectations for the creation and effective management of Australian Government business information to meet business, government and community needs. 

    It consists of eight Principles with recommended actions to meet the Principles’ outcomes.

    The Archives would like to thank Australian Society of Archivists members who provided input and feedback during consultation on the Standard.




  • This is so disappointing - no agreement - others like myself use these standards for our privately owned collections. What happens now?

  • Members may be interested in the news that the National and State Libraries have recently failed to come to an agr..., so that these standards will not be available through their catalogues - . This is disappointing, given the amount of work that people in this and other professions have put into the development of Standards. 

    There's also a bit of agitation in WA about access to Standards that are used in legislation and regulation.  I've written about both in my blog, so will link to that, rather than cut and paste (

  • Australian and international standards

    The National Archives issues and endorses a number of Australian and international standards which relate to records and information management.

    AS ISO 15489

    The Australian and international standard for records management, AS ISO 15489, provides guidance on creating records policies, procedures, systems and processes to support the management of records in all formats. It is widely used in Australia and internationally in both private and public organisations.

    The standard provides a descriptive benchmark that organisations can use to assess their records management systems and practices. It is designed to help organisations create, capture and manage full and accurate records to meet their business needs and legal requirements and satisfy stakeholder expectations.

    This standard provides the basis for all the National Archives' records management standards, policies and guidelines.

    Key components of AS ISO 15489

    AS ISO 15489 is made up of two parts:

    • AS ISO 15489.1: Records Management – Part 1: General
    • AS ISO 15489.2: Records Management – Part 2: Guidelines

    Both parts apply to records in any format or media, created or received by any public or private organisation in the course of its business.

    Part 1 is the actual standard. It provides a framework for records management and outlines:

    • the benefits of records management
    • the need to identify the regulatory environment in which an organisation operates
    • the importance of assigning responsibilities for records management.

    Part 2 is a technical report that provides practical guidance to help organisations implement the framework set out in Part 1. It includes guidance on:

    • records management policies, roles and responsibilities
    • developing records processes and controls to manage records through the use of tools such as thesauruses and disposal authorities
    • monitoring and auditing records systems to ensure that organisations meet legal and accountability requirements.
  • Purchasing copies of AS ISO 15489

    Copies of Parts 1 and 2 of AS ISO 15489, as well as the standards referred to below, can be purchased from Standards Australia or by telephoning 1300 65 46 46.

    AS 5090

    AS 5090: Work process analysis for recordkeeping, is a complementary standard to AS ISO 15489. It helps organisations understand their work processes so that they can identify their recordkeeping requirements.

    AS 5044

    The AGLS Metadata Standard is the national standard for describing online resources to improve their accessibility. It is mandated for use on all Australian Government websites.

    There is an Australian Government Implementation Manual available for this standard.

    ISO 16175

    ISO 16175-2:2011 – Information and documentation – Principles and functional requirements for records in electronic office environments covers requirements for software used to create digital information in office environments.

    The standard is in three parts:

    • Part 1: Overview and statement of principles – gives background information and fundamental principles
    • Part 2: Guidelines and functional requirements for digital records management systems – sets out requirements for software systems designed to manage records
    • Part 3: Guidelines and functional requirements for records in business systems – sets out requirements for managing information that is still in use and held within business systems. 

    The functional requirements set out in this standard are based on the requirements for recordkeeping in AS ISO 15489.

    ISO 16175 does not cover functional requirements for the long-term preservation of digital records.

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